about me!

Hi and welcome to my first blog post!

My name is Caley, I am a sophomore in college at the University of Mississippi (Hotty Toddy!) and I am studying Secondary English Education. My plan is to be an English teacher, but you never know that could change lol. I was born and raised in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and we lived there until I was 11; after Hattiesburg we moved to Houston, Texas and stayed there for about 5 years. Now, when I’m not in school, I live with my family in Virginia in the beautiful Shenandoah mountains and I absolutely love it!

I am the oldest of five children and my superhero of a mom homeschooled all of us. Being at home most of the time with my mom and siblings all day had its highs and lows but I am so thankful for that opportunity because I would not be the person I am today without it. When I have my own kids I hope to homeschool them just because it was such a great experience for me. Being able to learn in such a comfortable environment and having people there to discuss what I was learning with me and just have in-depth conversations about anything and everything really helped me find out who I was and what I believed on my own without too many distractions. My friends and classmates were more like family and the conversations we were able to have about just life in general while in school shaped me as a person and I will never forget them.

I have the sweetest, goofiest, kindest boyfriend of literally all time and you’ll probably be hearing from him on here as well. He has taught me so many things and I love doing life with him so much! The way he loves God and others is so encouraging to see and he reminds me everyday to put God first (THIS IS SO IMPORTANT LADIES!!!).

I love hiking, cooking and baking, reading, walking my dog around town, drinking coffee, watching movies, thrifting, star gazing, watching the sunrise and sunset, and spending time with my friends and family. Oh! I also have a major sweet tooth. I literally always have some kind of chocolate in my desk at school for little study breaks.

What else should you know? Oh my goodness how could I forget! New Girl. I live for New Girl, I have literally seen it all the way through like four times. I’m obsessed and I make everyone in my life watch it with me lol.

Nick Miller is my soulmate.

I love to laugh, I am a 2 on the Enneagram, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, any Audrey Hepburn movie, and Pride and Prejudice (2005 of course! I mean Mr. Darcy is the definition of the perfect man). I am the most granola hipster girl on the Ole Miss campus, I want to serve burritos at my wedding because there is no food more perfect, and D.C. is my favorite city. I love spending the day in a museum and baking a sweet treat for a friend (chocolate chip cookies are my specialty), and I am an extremely neat and organized person. I’m a planner, basically I’m the mom friend. Look mom friend up in the dictionary and you will probably see a picture of me lol. I think that’s about it, me in a nutshell (or blog post).

All any girl wants is for her man to walk across a field in the cold morning air and breathlessly confess his love to her.

Thanks for tagging along and I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

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